Property Management

You have a second home, vacation rental, traditional rental, unique space, or mother-in-law quarters that you’re interested in using for supplemental income, but you’re unsure of the tedious and stressful process of managing your STR (Short Term Rental).

We are here to help!

It's easier than you think:

Step 1. Inquire below for a free Zoom consultation with Guest Equity, or email

Step 2. Set up for success using our GE checklist

Step 3. Professional photography is scheduled

Step 4.  Your listing goes live and guests begin to book! 

Step 5: Stay connected! Check out your calendar and watch as you optimize profits.

Our focus is to provide an opportunity for a substantial second income for owners, to create "guest equity" in their homes, in other words, build equity by becoming an income-producing property.  As a company, we will take care of the entire process of managing your vacation rental. Our goal is to encourage and inspire you to follow your passion, whatever that may be, and leave the stress of managing your home to us!


Your Home Away From Home

Block out any open dates for you or your friends and family to use at any time.  This is YOUR home, and you remain in control. The most exciting part of owning a vacation home is using it, the second is collecting the rental income.  We listen to your individual goals and strive to meet them. Check out GE's diverse listings below!

A Profitable Experience

A win-win situation, your rental will become a supplement income for you, as well a beloved memory for all who pass through! Based on our typical 80% occupancy rate, you'll receive returns within the first three months. On average, yearly income will be substantially higher than traditional long term rentals.

Join Us At The Top

Superhost status, innovative software, competitive rates, and stand-out listings ensure your short-term rental stays visible when potential guests are looking for a vacation to remember.

Join us in sharing our passion for adventure by creating new, exceptional lodging solutions for travelers.